Welcome to eklekt Technologies Group Inc.

EKlekt Technologies Group Incorporated was founded by a team of experienced professionals in electromechanical and thermal interface design and fabrication. Our philosophy is simple: we truly believe in the definition of our name, and the freedom it implies; to be eKlekt, the quality of being made from the best elements of all systems, means we provide for our customers unmatched product innovation, unmatched test solutions, and unmatched quality.

Our vast knowledge in Semiconductor, Military, Medical, Health and Fitness applications affords us the experience necessary to provide you with not only a product that is tailored to match your specific application requirements but also to provide you with known good test interface, thermal solutions the first time, every time.

We understand that many of our competitors claim to provide 1,000,000 insertions in a spring probe application. Though there may be a rare application that these type of results can be achieved, the fact is that a majority of applications will not come close to a cycle life of 1,000,000 insertions. Due to high power, Frequency, contact resistance, thermal or ESD issues, Pb free applications, and a variety of pitch related challenges, most probes fail at a number of insertions far below the promised number.

But eKlekt Technologies Group Incorporated can provide you with a product that completely fulfills your specifications, and, at the same time, provide you with an accurate cycle life of a spring pin socket that meets your application.

eKlekt stands apart from our competitors by incorporating the use of multiple technologies and varied experience in order to meet and exceed the complex challenges facing our customers in today's ever-changing world.

Allow us to make your job a little easier by giving you a piece of mind courtesy of our experience, unwavering diligence, and, most importantly, our unmatched quality. We at eKlekt look forward to providing you with diverse, effective interface solutions in which you can place your trust and product.

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